SECOM Science and Technology Foundation


Information Initiative Center, Hokkaido University
Cyberscience Center, Tohoku University
Center for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba
Information Technology Center, The University of Tokyo
Global Scientific Information and Computing Center, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Information Technology Center, Nagoya University
Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto University
Cybermedia Center, Osaka University
Research Institute for Information Technology, Kyushu University
High Performance Computing Infrastructure Consortium
RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science
Research Organization for Informantion Science and Technology
Foundation for Computational Science
IPSJ SIG on System Architecture
The Japan Society for Computational Engineering and Science
The Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
The Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics
Japan Society for Sumulation Technology
PC Cluster Consortium
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
The Physical Society of Japan