Poster Session

HPC Asia 2022 Best Student Poster Award in Memory of Hiroshi Nakashima

Professor Hiroshi Nakashima (Kyoto University, Japan) suddenly passed away on October 6, 2021 by a terrible traffic accident. He was a member of the HPC Asia Steering Committee, and his death is a great loss to the HPC community in Japan, Asia and the world. According to his valuable support to the HPC Asia 2022, the organizing committee has decided to bear his name in the Best Student Poster Award of HPC Asia 2022 in recognition of his excellent achievements in research and education in the HPC Community. We would like everybody to respect his achievements and to share loving memories of him.

Award Winners

1st Prize (two winners)

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

Poster presentations

[#102] Graph optimization algorithm for low-latency indirect network

[#103] Implementation of Radio wave propagation loss calculation using RT core

[#104] Feature analysis for selection of implementations in an accurate matrix-matrix multiplication library

[#105] GPU-accelerated Multiphysics-based Seismic Wave Propagation Simulation and its Surrogate Model with Machine Learning

[#106] Non-Invasive Voice Disorder Detection

[#107] Non-Invasive Fetal Cardiac Arrhythmia Detection

[#108] Performance benchmark of the latest EigenExa on Fugaku

[#109] Data Access Pattern Analysis for dCache Storage System

[#110] CoToCoA: A Communication-Efficient Framework for Coupling Programs

[#111] RDMA with Double Buffering for Adjacent Communication

[#112] Quantumized Graph Cuts in Portfolio Construction and Asset Selection

[#113] A simplified AINV method based on nonzero element positions of a coefficient matrix

[#114] Parallelization of Automatic Tuning by Executing Machine Learning Programs in Multiple Jobs

[#115] White-box Modelling of Parallel Computing Dynamics

[#116] IC(p) Preconditioning with Acceleration Factor for High-Frequency Electromagnetic Field Analysis

[#117] A Weak Scalability Study of File Aggregation in Asynchronous, Multi-Level Checkpointing

[#118] Efficiency and Effectiveness Analysis of a Scratchpad Memory on FPGA and GPU for Diffuse Radiation Transfer Simulation

[#119] FPGA Memory System for HPC Applications using Addressable Cache

[#120] Performance Evaluation of the Mixed Precision GMRES(m) Method using FP64 and FP32

[#121] Performance Measurement of a Hierarchical File System for Distributed Deep Neural Network Training

[#122] Memory-aware Task Mapping for Heterogeneous Multi-Core Systems

[#123] Multi-GPU computing of moving boundary flow using lattice Boltzmann method

[#124] An FPGA-based Accelerator for Sound Field Rendering with High-order FDTD

[#125] Midas: A System for Achieving "Golden" Reproducibility in HPC

[#126] OpenACC Implementation of Radiative Transfer Simulation Code

[#127] Acoustic simulation using lattice Boltzmann method by multi-GPU parallel computing

[#128] Smart In-Situ Visualization Framework on the Fugaku Environment

[#129] An FPGA Accelerator of Bayesian Network Structure Learning Using Parallel Calculation of Local Scores

[#130] RIKEN CGRA: Reconfigurable Data-Driven Architecture for Future HPC

[#131] In-situ analysis with OpenMP task for leveraging unused core

[#132] Offloading Integer GMRES Method to Accelerators

[#133] In-situ performance profiling for leveraging the ''unused cores''

[#134] Cascadic Parareal Method for Explicit Time-Marching Schemes

[#135] THINK GREEN! Energy Efficient Cloud for HPC